Vision Statement

We believe that life and death can be peaceful and inspirational and we are on this earth to show people how to experience cancer with peace, integrity, and passion. We are constantly focussed on how to improve the quality of life by the relationship we have with ourselves and the people around us. We believe that the core of an inspired cancer experience are the relationships we value. We believe in the power of language to change the trajectory of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately one’s life. We believe in people taking charge of their emotional wellness and showing medical professionals, other people experiencing cancer and friends and family that cancer can be a trigger to improve the quality of life. We believe in everything to do with re-inventing, re-charging and re-evaluating life and that the cancer experience is a supreme opportunity for personal transformation – whether you think you need it or not. We believe in saying no to war-language and the survivor mentality, so we can focus on improving ourselves and our relationships into meaningful connections that stand the test of time. And frankly, we won’t settle for just ‘coping, surviving and thriving.’ We have the self-honesty to admit that we need to change things about our behaviours as partners, parents, friends, and colleagues and are brave enough to do so. And I think regardless of how honest we think we are being, there is always more room to explore further, to listen more actively and to dig deeper into ourselves because the effort will be rewarded with – the ultimate life goal. To be joyful – peaceful – free.

Melissa Stefano