The #1 Destination for a ‘fight-free’ cancer experience

Cancer Confidence’s unique approach to cancer mental health is backed by neuroscience, neurophysiology, social-psychology, epigenetics and energetics, with a dash of intuitive creativity direct from the source . It’s based on raising your self-wisdom, embodying love and rejecting war. We can’t cure cancer, but we can cure overwhelm, isolation and the need to feel loved and desired.

Just Diagnosed

Confidence trinkets and tools that are beautiful and work

Membership & Community

Connect with people with the same emotional maturity, for less than a dollar a day

‘Why’ Coaching

Don’t wait until after cancer to get clear on the meaning of your life

Mists & Cards

Sustainable pretty things, that support you to coach yourself


If you have a wise mind, tell us about it.

Trauma Informed Coaching

Use the power of crisis to uplevel your life

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