We are all a bit weird. A bit different. And sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in and that is what unites us.

We celebrate the differences, because it is what makes us different that creates the best possible experiences for everyone. We are committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness, because love is love and we can’t build love when there is war. War, hate and exclusion of any kind. When we say Cancer Confidence is for everyone… We mean it.


Our love for people experiencing poor mental health is wide and deep. We empathize with and care for anyone who is managing a mental health condition.

We recommend that anyone with pre-existing mental health conditions do this work side by side with a therapist. We are not licensed medical professionals.

We do not recommend you start this work without the supervision of a doctor or therapist, as this work brings up emotions requiring professional care. If this is an emergency, please call a prevention lifeline, or go to a hospital emergency room.

To discover if this work is suitable for you, talk to your mental health professional about how the mental health continuum makes most sense to you.

The Mental Health Continuum

Our intention is to be inclusive. Our intention is to also make mental health a priority. We do suggest you seek other support groups more inline with your symptoms and educate yourself about your diagnosis. We can’t guarantee any results, but if you are looking for an affordable online solution, you can try talk space, betterhelp, regain or pride counseling.


We came up with the Mind Health Continuum when we asked — ‘What’s next to expand a healthy mind?’

Keeping the ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ at the seat of human consciousness free from illness or injury.

The Mind Health Continuum is an expansion of the Mental Health Continuum for personal development, growth, transformational and transcendental enthusiasts. Note the ‘reacting’ portion and ‘healthy’ segments are carried over from the Mental Health Continuum with adjustments for people who are neurodivergent or not considered ‘standard functioning’ under the healthy banner.

The new segments are for people who are open to going beyond what is considered standard and healthy. People who are curious, open and seeking to believe there is more meaning in life beyond healthy.

After your own self-assessment, take this model to your therapist and work with them to discover if what is true for you is in line with your current mental health status.



We believe that a ‘fight-free’ experience should be available to everyone. We understand that times are tricky and resources tight, so we are offering a community scholarship opportunity.

If you know someone who needs access to this work, is experiencing financial abuse or hardship, please complete the form below. We offer free to $11/month Matrix Membership, depending on circumstances.

We also have a limited number of 72 hours programs available for free and Blue Pill scholarships available for $9.

Your information will not be shared and is kept confidential. As a small business we cannot accept every application.


Applications must be completed in full or will not be considered. Please forward copies of your last three pay slips or if self-employed / contracted or unemployed, three months of bank statements, with personal information (account details) blacked out or removed to [email protected]

We also understand completing paperwork can take up brainspace, particularly at this time. However, if completing a form feels overwhelming that could be an indication that now is not your time. Applications missing the income verification will not be considered.