You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t has some level of involvement with a person experiencing cancer.

Whether you work for an organisation associated with cancer, are a healthcare professional or love or know someone who has experienced cancer, you’ll know first hand that they need to people around them who really understand them and will support them doing cancer their own way. There is a lot of noise out there about what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do – turn the noise down for the people you love.

Become a partner of Cancer Confidence and do something that makes you feel good, is good for the people around you and is good for the greater good..

– Influencers –

Bianca Board

Founder & CEO of Foxley

Bianca is a self-confessed perfectionist with a wealth of design , marketing and strategy experience. Her background includes extensive work on large corporate accounts however her true passion is helping small business owners make a big impact online. She regularly writes for local and international blogs and publications, has been featured by NAB and won Australian Businesswomen’s Network Member of The Year for her contributions to the female entrepreneur community.



Bianca’s creative prowess inspires Melissa’s online approach


Digital Intelligence

After managing hundreds of website projects, Matt’s techno-creative brain drives product decisions to create super-awesome technology experiences.



Matt is the brain and brawn behind the digital intelligence delivered to you.


Medical Executive Officer

A qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Leon Clark commenced his career in hospital management in 1991 as Medical Executive Officer at Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH). Leon has held a number of leadership roles in healthcare, including 15 years as CEO of the largest private hospital in NSW (Sydney Adventist Hospital) and two years as President of the Australian Private Hospitals Association. In 2002 he was appointed CEO and subsequently Group CEO with the formation of Adventist HealthCare Limited in 2012, incorporating the San Day Surgery Hornsby and Dalcross Adventist Hospital.

As CEO of SAH, Leon and his team transformed SAH into a leading profitable business and led a recent multimillion redevelopment program – helping create one of the largest most comprehensive hospitals and not-for-profit providers of acute healthcare services in NSW, as well as Australia’s first integrated clinical school at the University of Sydney Medical School with undergraduate nursing, physiotherapy and pharmacy trainees on the same campus.

He brings extensive and current Board experience in the roles of Executive and Non- Executive Director, Board Secretary and Chairman, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.



Leon shows Melissa how to break rules gracefully


BSc (Med) MBBS (Hons) FRACP

A/Prof Gavin Marx is an associate in clinical practice with the Northern Haematology Oncology Group (NHOG). NHOG provides comprehensive cancer care for patients with various malignancies at the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN). They are involved in multidisciplinary care and meet regularly with the respective multidisciplinary teams. Gavin is also a visiting oncologist at the Northern Cancer Institute Frenchs Forest.
A/Prof Marx is the director of the SAN Clinical Trials Unit and has successfully obtained support and grant funding from the Clinical Trials NSW (Cancer Council) and the NSW Cancer Institute for the development and support of this unit. The unit is actively involved in clinical trials with patient enrolment in investigator-initiated, pharmaceutical and collaborative group trials.
Gavin has a number of peer-reviewed publications, review articles and book chapters. His particular research interests include the treatment of hormone refractory prostate cancer, breast and colon cancer.
Gavin is an associate professor at the University of Sydney, Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School. He has been involved in teaching and training of medical students, junior doctors and allied health staff. He is also a supervisor for medical oncology advanced trainees at the SAN.
A/Prof Marx is currently the chair of the Section of Oncology at the SAN. He is also the Clinical Director of the SAN Integrated Cancer Centre which is currently under construction as an integrated and patient focused comprehensive cancer centre at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.
Gavin is an active member of ASCO, MOGA, COSA, UOP, ANZUP, AGITG and ANZBCTG.



Gavin makes sure that Melissa is respectfully approaching all psycho-oncological aspects


Co-founder of Candor

Russ Laraway is a co-founder of Candor, Inc. Russ has had a diverse 22 year management career. He was a Company Commander in the Marine Corps before starting his first company, Pathfinders. From there Russ went to the Wharton School, and then onto Google and Twitter. Over that span, Russ has managed 700 person teams and $700M businesses facing a vast array leadership challenges along the way.
Now co-founder of Candor, Russ is bringing all of that operational leadership experience to the table for the benefit of our customers.



Russ guides Melissa to create an inspired language framework and feedback systerm


Melissa has been building Cancer Confidence© and advocating to go #BeyondCancerWar since her diagnosis in 2014. Along the way these organisations have provided professional support. Our partners are the epitome of philanthropy. Truly generous and forthcoming with their time and contributions of service, that ultimately change the lives of people experiencing cancer.


The Cancer Confidence extended family are entrepreneurs, owners of small business enterprises and freelance professionals. They are supporting Melissa in building an energised quality of life so that she can continue to show others how to live passionately throughout the cancer experience,