We are
Cancer Confidence

Pioneered by founder Melissa Stefano, the Cancer Confidence Movement is about expanding love and connection for everyone.

Confidence, freedom, wisdom, and consciousness breed love. These are the same principles we embody as we live through cancer. We’re done ‘battling’ with cancer. Let’s talk about how to improve the quality of the lived experience, shall we?

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the Number #1 destination for a ‘battle-free’ experience. We are normalising the ‘moment of grace’ that comes with activating the power in crisis.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a world without cancer war: To do this we will amplify the science and apply the findings creatively. This is more than just mindfulness and meditation. This is more than mindset and language. This is a new era in mind health.

About us


Cancer Confidence’s unique process of intercepting overwhelm is backed by neuroscience, psychology, coaching methodology, energetics, and most importantly the ‘moment of grace’ that only comes with a defining life event.

We are cultivating a community that believes ‘acceptance’ is a learnable skill and expansion is possible regardless of where you are on the mental health continuum.


We meet you where you’re at

Come exactly as you are and do cancer your own way. We show you how to be your own coach.  We prepare you to love the unlovable and if you feel you need more, we can coach you. We are the best at holding space for you to process ALL your emotions, we show you how to spark your mind health and we co-create a voyage and return to your true self.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Set some boundaries and get your ‘acceptance’ on.

Spread the love

Spread the love

Which cause is most meaningful to you?

Love Your People

Love Your People

We hold space for the people you love too

Show us some love

Show us some love

If we love you and you love us, that’s a lot of love going around.

The first 72 hours of my cancer experience

Health professionals assumed how I was feeling, support group facilitators told me explicit details about their side effects, and everyone has a ‘story’ to tell.  
I was told cancer is “a battle and a fight” and when it wasn’t a fight, I was told “things will get better” and to ‘be positive’. When we weren’t talking about fighting or winning or losing, we were hating cancer. No one asked me what I wanted and needed. 

I could feel myself spiralling 
And that was the first 72 hours.