What is Cancer Confidence

Cancer Confidence inspires you to lead yourself through the cancer experience.
By adjusting how you THINK and SPEAK, how you COMMUNICATE and BEHAVE you will experience a richer quality of life at diagnosis, during and after treatment and for the rest of your life.

What this just really means is feeling confident and looking and feeling fantastic ALL the time, even when the wig and makeup come off and you might be feeling a bit frumpy.

Why Cancer Confidence is better for you than fighting

The reason Cancer Confidence is better for you than fighting, beating, winning and surviving is quite simply that you didn’t choose to fight, it has literally been beaten into your brain since 1971.

The cancer war started 45 years ago, when President Nixon declared “a War on Cancer” in the 1971 Cancer legislation. The media and some cancer organisations and businesses insist on using negative and militaristic language to power marketing campaigns and stories that target the survivor, even though there is evidence suggesting long-term emotional damage. It’s reckless, insensitive and disrespectful.