This is a 3 minute read.

So you got cancer! Remember before cancer when you said you would change those bad habits?

Procrastination of PROCRASTURBATION as I like to call it is; – Avoiding things and never getting them done because you’re waiting for later and it never comes.

Later is here people.

You can spend a lot of time during the cancer experience waiting. Waiting for results, waiting for someone to pick you up, waiting for it to be over. NEWSFLASH: If you are waiting for it to be over, it tells me that you are the type of person that is a ‘waiter, not a doer,’ and I don’t mean waiter that serves in a restaurant, I mean someone that procrasturbates.

Some people PROCRASTURBATE when diagnosed with cancer. Everything goes on hold because perhaps you have been told stories which suggest that you need to stop everything and wait for results. Wait for tests, wait for appointments, stop having fun, stop working, stop enjoying, no to the new adventure, no to the future, no to change, no to growing and changing and living and playing.

Procrasturbation is like having your foot on the brake.

I get that there are gonna be answers that you wish you could have right now. It just doesn’t work that way with cancer. Stop waiting for answers and start living the questions.

Where can I go to a yoga class today?

Who can go for a walk with me?

What will I do for myself today?

This is what I said to myself:

GO and get things done. GO and do things I want to do. GO and see people I want to see. YES to clients, YES to change, YES to love, YES to dealing with the crappy old shit that needs to be dealt with, YES to getting rid of the people that are messing with your mojo. NOW is the time to flick the switch on bad habits. NOW is the time to change behaviours. NOW is the time to create new rituals. NOW is the time to BE the person you were born to BE and DO the really cool shit you were born to DO.

How many times have you promised to kick your bad habits, detox from shitty relationships and delete drama?

How many times have you promised to change what you eat and change how much you exercise?

How long have you been trying to shift the negative thoughts so you can change the eating, exercise and shitty relationships?

Cancer is an experience, there is no before and after.

STOP PROCRASTURBATING and get shit done.