You know that moment when you’re diagnosed with cancer? Yeah, that moment! I don’t know what went on for you, but for me, well; This whole movement, this experience, this information, and education system is the result of that moment.

In that moment where I let other people’s reactions, feelings and emotions take my power.

In that moment where everyone around me told me how I was going to feel and how I ‘should’ be reacting.
In that moment where I didn’t have ANY certainty … and other people were forcing their stories on me (as if their experience was just like mine)

In THAT moment!

For 72 hours it was like I was in a washing machine of opinions forced on me by cancer ‘survivors,’ recommended reading material and health care professionals, I started googling and getting deeper and deeper into a whirlpool of uncertainty. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, people wanted to know information that I simply didn’t have. In that moment, swishing back and forth I was jerked in every which way emotionally, but not how I was really feeling. How people told me I ‘should’ be feeling. Some people tried to convince me I could ‘heal myself’ naturally. Everyone had a remedy and something I should take or drink. In that moment.

I completely get why people want to hide behind cancer and keep it a secret. The only thing worse than cancer itself was the judgment and opinions of others forced upon me.

Mostly though as I am bobbing around on the rinse cycle, people couldn’t wait to tell me what they thought about chemotherapy and radiation. The side effects. The stories were not all rainbows and moonbeams.

I started spinning; my heart raced, and I became angry. Fiercely angry. Who was going to tell these people to stop? Who was going to tell these people that I didn’t need any more stories and opinions? Who was going to tell these people that they were hurting me?
I needed to work out what I believed about cancer and that would help me develop my mindset
All I have … is me.

And in that moment, I changed my attitude … my mindset.

I needed to work out what my values were around cancer, and that would help me develop my mindset
I needed to work out how I wanted to ‘do’ cancer, and that would help me develop my mindset

Cancer Confidence is the moment you decide to ‘do’ cancer on your terms.
Cancer confidence is a mindset you adopt.
Cancer Confidence is a movement. A wave of people choosing to adopt The Cancer Confidence Experience as their way of ‘doing’ cancer

That was November 24, 2014.

All it takes is one moment. One opinion. One belief that is forced upon you by someone’s story and you too might find yourself overwhelmed by emotion or you might choose something else.