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It’s no secret that music was a little bit like my blood during treatment. Blood nourishes the organs and music generates the playful energy to power you through each day.

Getting up on a great note is the key to a successful transformation during cancer.

My morning routine was filled with meditation, writing and working. It didn’t matter what I was doing. I would always get up and go for a walk to the coffee shop for my morning tea or coffee. Other than when I am meditating I use music to change my mood.

This is the music that powered me every day

You can’t help but bounce around to this track. It’s more powerful than the ‘Pharrell Williams’ song Happy, and it has the guts and power of ‘She likes to Move.’ Pharrell is an artist that refuses to fit into any one category. He is responsible for the words, the sound, the look and the feel. I love that he is in complete control of his music, and he doesn’t let anyone tell him what will and won’t work.

A bit like how I like to manage my cancer experience.

Doing it my way and that’s what makes it feel like freedom.